Patient Services

Things such as a strawberry on your knee can be treated at home, but a life threatening symptom such as heart pain demands emergency room care. Everything else is what we are here for. We offer treatment to patients of all ages for injury and illness; such as the flu, broken bones, cuts that need stiches, asthma attacks and many more healthcare needs so that we can provide you with a one-stop full service option for unscheduled, time-pressing care.

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Amazing Care

Our clinics are built on providing patient care and understanding the value of your time, so you can be confident that you will be treated with the highest quality of care. Walk-ins are always welcome and you can feel at ease knowing that one of our providers is always there to treat you or your family members with the care you need. Why wait in emergency rooms for long periods of time just to pay high deductibles, or wait in your physicians’ office for long periods of time when you can be “In & Out” when you visit our urgent care clinics.

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Employer Solutions

We offer an array of employment services such as physicals, screening, work related injuries and much more. Please check with one of our staff members for our additional services.

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